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The Drop Ticket


The Drop Ticket


This INKGILITY Drop Ticket design template is designed for complete personalization.

Customize The Drop Ticket with your details, and personalize it with your logo or pictures (if applicable).

You can do this by specifying your personalization in the Comments/Special Instructions box in Step 2 (Enter Your Information).

After you have placed your order, a PDF Artwork Proof will be sent to you via email within 1-3 business days for your approval.

We will happily make up to 2 revisions to your design; once you have approved your final proof, we will proceed with printing your business cards. Any revisions exceeding the two revisions, you are allotted, will cost $35 per revision.

Warning About Prints with Solid Ink Coverage

When our standard business cards are printed with heavy ink coverage, especially dark colors that extend to the bleed line, they tend to show chipped edges from the trimmer blade.

Choosing one of our Laminated Business Cards helps to minimize the chipping issue; however, the silky & velvety feel of Silk & Soft Touch Lamination, respectively, are greatly diminished if there is a large surface area covered with ink.

If your business card design has a large surface area covered with heavy ink coverage (especially dark colors), and you do not want to upgrade to one of our Laminated Business Cards, we strongly recommend choosing a glossy paper finish on both sides of your business card.

Warning About Designs With Borders

INKGILITY has a 16th of an inch cutting tolerance, as do most commercial printers. This means that the print may shift about 16th of an inch to the left, right, top or bottom; therefore, if you choose or submit a design that has borders, the output may come out uneven.

Some of our design templates have designs with borders because of the aesthetic appeal; however, if you are not willing to take the risk of the borders coming out uneven, please do not choose or submit a design with borders. We will not reprint, or offer a refund for prints that come out with borders unevenly cut.

Color Variations

The advantage of commercial gang-run offset printing is the shared savings; the downside is that the color is adjusted for the entire run to get the best overall color for shared jobs. This means that the color of gang-run printed items will vary through the run and will not match exactly on re-prints. Our PMS Inks printing is better suited to color critical work.

Moreover, the color settings of your screen (RGB) and that of the printing press (CMYK) are different, so variations of the on-screen and printed piece will differ slightly.

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